Dec 08

iTunes LogoThis is very good news to Apple and iPhone/iPod touch users in general. Apple’s iTunes App Store, which was launched way back in July, finally hit its 10,000th app after just five months in operation. As mentioned by Treo Today, Apple can now claim the same fame over Palm’s “tens of thousands” of third party applications for the (now dying) Palm OS platform.

iTunes App Store CategoriesApp Shopper mentioned about the complications in tracking the number of available apps for download, since apps are constantly being added and removed from the App Store. Officially (and unofficially) there are two apps worth mentioning when it comes to the 10,000th app milestone. As of this writing, Adventoozle is the app to officially hit that milestone. Others might want to disregard apps that has been removed and consider Checktubes as the official 10,000th application. Fortunately, both applications are currently available on the iTunes App Store for you to sample. Adventoozle is available for $0.99 each, while CBS Interactive is giving away Checktubes for free.

Ben Lorica of O’Reilly Radar did some analysis and came out conclusive that games made up for 25% of the iTunes App Store. Another piece of good news for app-hunters is that the average price of a Top 100 paid application continues to go south, settling at about $2.60 each, during the last week of November. We hope this trend continues. As for games, there has been an increase of number of games priced at $0.99 cents or lower. Gaming has never been cheaper!

Statistics aside, TapTapTap, famed developer of titles like WhereTo has put together a mosaic to celebrate this occasion. Hit this link to check out the full hi-res version.

TapTapTap 10,000th App Mosaic

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