Dec 11

John Cassanta of tap tap tap posted a list of 10 useful tips for the iPhone/iPod touch, which should have been included inside the box in the first place instead of the Quick Start guide.

I was basically stumbled upon the first tip, where tapping on the status bar (the top of the screen, where the signal strength, time, battery level, etc indicators sit) will make scrollable content scroll to the top immediately. Handy in situations where you’ll need to go back to the top of the page in an instant after browing thru long web pages or email conversations. I wonder if its possible to add another one that lets you scroll to the bottom of a page immediately.

Another notable tip is the Home button trick. Firmware 2.2 for the iPhone brings an added use to the Home button which goes to the Home screen upon double-clicking. You can now set it to show the phone’s favorites, launch the Music app or show the iTunes controls. However, on my iPod touch with firmware 2.2 (5G77a), there’s no such settings screen to configure these. Instead, I only get the iTunes control when I double-click the Home screen.

Hit the post to check out the rest of the tips, including how to configure AIM mobile forwarding for those who use the AIM service to chat.

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