Dec 16

Sarah Brightman - Silent NightIt’s Tuesday again and the iTunes Store will give away more stuff for free. As usual, the Singles of the Week free download gives exposure to tunes that the iTunes Store team has been enjoying. The Discovery Download series focuses on a different genre each week, giving tracks that they think would be worth our attention. The tracks can be played on your computer via iTunes, synced into your iPod or burned onto a CD for listening anywhere.

Another Christmas-themed song hits this week’s SOTW download. Get Silent Night by British soprano Sarah Brightman as we continue to feel the slant and spirit of the coming holidays. Brightman is one of the most popular crossover artists working today. Her latest album, A Winter Symphony is a grandiose and spectral collection of seasonal favorites. Check out this free track where Brightman performs like an unearthly snow angel.

R. Kelly - I BelieveR. Kelly’s single, I Believe made it as this week’s Discovery Download. The track which is tribute to Kelly’s fellow Chicagoan, opens with samples from President-elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. Choirs, string arrangements and a dramatic jet flyover helps make this Kelly’s most celebratory track ever since I Believe I Can Fly. Quoting R. Kelly:

The night Obama was elected I was inspired to write this song. Hopefully it touches anyone trying to accomplish something special in their life. Anything is possible if you believe.

Mamma Mia! Behind-the-Scenes ClipIf you happened to have enjoyed Mamma Mia! The Movie (I know I did), be sure to also check out this free Behind-the-Scenes clip. Get an exclusive pass into the studio as the cast guides us through a look at making the film that had everyone dancing and singing over and over again. Gosh, now I’m having Dancing Queen in dancing around in my head! :)

Finally, if you missed any of the free downloads mentioned here last week, don’t fret. Check out the FREE on iTunes page here. You might be lucky to find them still available for download.

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