Dec 16

ngmoco logongmoco:) has just announced a sale of their titles over at the iTunes Store. This is in celebration of the coming Rolando game, scheduled to be released on 18 December 2008.

Prices of their titles got slashed 50%, while Topple becomes a free app to download.

Another title of ngmoco’s, MazeFinger, has always been offered for free.


If you have yet to try out the rest of ngmoco’s titles, feel free to hit the iTunes Store now to catch these limited time offers! I took the chance and picked up both Dropship (Touch Arcade’s Best Shooter game) and Dr. Awesome. Expect a review of these hit titles soon.

P/S: As of this writing, some of the apps might still show their existing prices. I presume this to be a cache problem within the iTunes Store browser. Click into the details page and you shall see the updated/discounted price.

ngmoco;) apps in iTunes Store

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