Dec 25

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It’s Christmas! One More Tap wishes everyone a safe and happy Christmas.

If you happen to receive Gift Cards for the iTunes Store, then the following shopping guides should help you decide what to do with the credits.

iPhone 3GFirst off, Apple iPhone Apps posted a list of “20 Must Have Paid Apps“. The list covers everything from basic utilities to games and entertainment titles. My personal suggestions; get Air Sharing ($4.99), SimCity ($9.99), AppSniper ($0.99) [read my take of this superb app, here], Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D ($5.99) and Ocarina ($0.99). You couldn’t be more wrong with these apps!

If you like to try gaming on your iPhone/iPod touch, then head over and check out this post by Touch Arcade for the best games you could get. First, try Aurora Feint: The Beginning and PapiJump for free. When you are ready for more games, check out great titles (my own recommendation) like DropShip ($0.99), Trism ($2.99), Fieldrunners ($4.99) and the recently released Rolando ($9.99). Don’t forget to also check out Flick Fishing ($1.99), which I reviewed here.

Enjoy the holidays!

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