Dec 31

iPod touch GeniusNews of a large-formed iPod touch with screen sizes of 7 or 9 inches are currently spreading on the interweb. Note that this is just rumors, which have yet to be confirmed.

The report which stemmed from TechCrunch, claims that three independent sources close to Apple told buyers to expect a large screen iPod touch device this coming fall of 2009. The sources claim that the rumored device will sport a 7 or 9 inch screen. One of the sources claimed to have even played around with a prototype build and that Apple is currently sourcing OEMs in Asia to mass produce the device.

I did a rough estimation, the “7 or 9 inch” screen measurement roughly matches most mini-notebooks available in the market currently.

At this moment, no pricing information is available for the device, but speculations seems to point towards a price between the iPhone and Apple’s low-end portable, the MacBook. Expect to see the device having more memory than the current iPod touch offerings, after all, you’ll be doing more than what you are currently using you iPod touch for. Current iPod touch models start at $229 for the 8 GB model, with the 32 GB model catching a $399 premium.

It is understood that Apple has been toying around with the idea of a table device for years now (remember the Newton) but were concerned over the marketability of such a device. Recently, netbooks or mini-notebooks have been quite popular among the PC crowd, which indicates to Apple that the time for such a device has arrived. Also, the device would definitely benefit from the secret recipe of an iTunes App Storeicon with more than ten thousand applications, mobile Safari which rocks, and the Wi-Fi iTunes Store to allow purchase from basically anywhere.

Oh yeah, Macworld is just 6 days away? :)

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