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With more than ten-thousand application offerings now, the iTunes App Storeicon can be a jungle of 0s and 1s. And if you’re not careful enough, then be prepared to get hurt in terms of time and money lost.

Call me cheap, but so far I have only purchased apps that are $0.99 and below, but this post shall concentrate on those that are FREE. Yeah, you read that right, applications that can be downloaded without having to part with your hard-earned cash.

Following is a list of applications that I have downloaded, tested and considered them worthy of living within the confined space of my 16 GB iPod touch. I’ll give a short reasoning as to why, but at the end of the day, the decision to keep or delete it is yours. After all, apps jiggle when they are about to get deleted, so, you get to show ’em who’s boss, eh? :)

Amazon MobileAmazon Mobile – bring the whole Amazon.com store with you everywhere, all the features of the online store is available here, minus the extra clutter of large web pages. Also, the experimental feature called Amazon Remembers lets you use your camera to snap a visual of a product; you may even opt to have Amazon lookup a similar item that is available for sale online.

BackgroundsBackgrounds – this app searches Flickr for a collection of wallpapers suitable for the iPhone or iPod touch, simple interface lets you choose between popular or recently added wallpapers. And if that’s not enough, tap on Category to browse from over 30 different categories of wallpapers. After all, you are only limited by the amount of storage your iPhone/iPod touch has.

StanzaeReader and Stanza – I have quite a number of ebooks in eReader formats, which I bought from Fictionwise.com and eReader.com in my Palm OS days. Since each title can only access one of the libraries at a time, I keep both eReader to access my eReader account, while Stanza is exclusively for my Fictionwise account. Best of both worlds!

fringfring – talk, chat and interact with all of your online buddies over Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo and AIM. Also, make VoIP calls thru your device’s Wi-Fi connections.

Google EarthGoogle Earth – this one’s spectacular. Google says that you can now fly to far corners of the earth with just a swipe of your finger. This app lets you explore the same satellite and aerial imagery available via the desktop version. If your flying is on a budget, then try this app. Around the world in 8 swipes?

RemoteRemote – this one’s a free app from none other than big fruit Apple themselves. Control your Mac/PC’s iTunes software using your iPhone or iPod touch. Good for those who are lazy to even walk towards the computer. Even better if you are downstairs and you stream your music from your computer in your room. I wish that it would work with Mac OS X’s Front Row application. Apple, please update this wonderful piece of code!

ShazamShazam – heard a very nice song but not sure who’s the artist or what’s the title? Leave it to Shazam. It sounds like magic, and it does magic too. The app records a little bit of the music and then tries to match it via a large database. In no time shall you have your queries answered. If you want to, the app also offers links to the iTunes Store so that you can purchase the track and download it to your device immediately. Sweet!

TwitterrificTwitterrific – Twitter fans will love this. Check and update your Twitter feeds with this little app.

That’s about it. Remember that these apps are priced as free as of this writing, the developer may increase the price anytime. If you’d like to keep track of price changes, why not take a look at AppSniper ($0.99), which I reviewed here. Note that the iTunes App Store also has a list of Top Apps that are both paidicon and freeicon applications. Check the listing often as it reflects purchase habits of other iPhone users.

Coming soon: One More Recommendation of free games!

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