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Image CaptureUsually when I write reviews, I’d use the screen capture shortcut (press both power and home buttons together) to save a snapshot of whats on the screen. Once that’s done, the picture shall appear within the Photos application under Saved Photos.

I could then email myself each photo from within Saved Photos. I did that once (for some reasons which I can’t recall why) when I wrote the review for Block Breaker Deluxe 2. But that actually turned out to be a bag of hurt – the iPhone doesn’t support (without 3rd-party applications) sending multiple images in an email so I had to send each image one-by-one, at the same time reminding myself which one I’ve sent and which one not.

There is a shortcut for doing this. And that’s by using your computer. Read on to find out more!

Tip: Get Pictures - Screenshot 01

On most modern Windows computers (well, those that meets the minimum requirements to use your iPhone/iPod touch with), when you connect your device to your computer via the USB cable, a new ‘camera device’ will appear under “My Computer”. I say ‘camera device’ because it uses the camera icon. My iPod touch appears simply as ‘Apple iPod’ when connected.

Tip: Get Pictures - Screenshot 03Double-clicking this icon shows you whatever photos that you have – those that are stored within the Saved Photos folder. Note that this doesn’t allow you to browse photos that are sync-ed into your device. From here, you can then use the usual copy and paste procedures to copy the pictures out and into your computer.

On my Windows XP machine, double-clicking any picture shows a preview that wouldn’t render properly, usually showing me an error saying ‘No preview available’. Also, on some occasions, this folder would not refresh itself to show the latest pictures that I’ve added. Disconnecting and then reconnecting the USB cable helps, but only on certain occasions. Bummer.

Tip: Get Pictures - Screenshot 04One method I found to go around this problem is by using the ‘Get Pictures’ command. Simply right-click on the ‘camera device’ and select ‘Get pictures’ from the menu that appears. You’ll be greeted with the ‘Scanner and Camera Wizard’. Click Next and you shall see all the pictures that are currently available in the ‘Saved Photos’ folder. This place seems to be more up-to-date and shall show pictures that have been recently added. Select the picture(s) that you want to copy and click on Next again. The wizard will ask for the location to save your files. Give it the proper location and then click Next. Voila, and you are done!

Tip: Get Pictures - Screenshot 05If you are a Mac user, note that there won’t be any new icon appearing within Finder itself. You can still get the picures off your device and that’s by using the Image Capture application. Connect your device to the USB cable, then locate Image Capture from within the Applications folder. Choose the proper location to download the images to and proceed. Image Capture lets you decide to download some or all images. Automatic Task lets you choose if you want to Preview those images, build a slide show, web page, crop, fit or even send them to another application of choice once the images have been downloaded successfully.

There you have it, tips for both PC and Mac users. Please do leave a comment if you use any other methods to capture those pictures off your device. Thanks!

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20 Responses to “Tips: Getting Pictures off Your iPhone/iPod touch”

  1. 1. eliza Says:

    thanks so much i was so upset that i might loose all my rob pattinson photos i found on my ipod lol thanks a tonnn!!

  2. 2. laurence Says:

    i have an ipod touch and i cant send more than 1 picture from the library in the ipod touch by e mail .
    it cant be that if i want to send 5 photos to my friend, i need to email him 5 times

    if you can help please reply to this e mail


  3. 3. xcool Says:

    laurence, we know that this is really a ‘bag of hurt’ for everyone who sends a lot of photos from their iDevice. :)
    the next software update for the iPhone/iPod touch (version 3.0) will have this issue solved.

    but if you really need to do so for the time being, you may find this app in the iTunes Store called Multi-Photo Email useful. it’s currently on sale at only $0.99 here’s the link: http://www.onemoretap.com/go/itunes-store/app-store/multi-photo-email.php


  4. 4. Peggy Says:

    All I needed to know was that Windows recognizes the iPhone as a camera (I had to unplug and plug it back in)


  5. 5. trevor Says:

    I’m a Mac user trying to get old photos from my iPod Touch onto my Mac. I tried the Image Capture technique like you mentioned but the app didn’t see my iPod.

    I want to update this iPod to my current music and photos library but need to get the old photos off first, as that’s the only place i have them. I find it very frustrating that they limit usability in iPods to try protect copyrights and i can’t even take my own photos off of the device!

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  6. 6. jason Says:

    I completely agree with Trevor and will not purchase another Mac product because by protecting copyrights they are frustrating their customer base and making it difficult for me to do things with my own pictures and music that I have purchased. No; they are not always user friendly or intuitive but the marketing boys sure do a great job of presenting it that way.
    Yes I am very frustrated.
    I would like to know of a USER FRIENDLY way of getting my photos off my ipod touch onto my computer without having to sync it with my new macbook because it was previously synced with my older pc which I gave to my mother.

  7. 7. ex2bot Says:

    Mac users will probably find when you attach your iPod touch or iPhone that iPhoto will start automatically and give you the option of importing your photos into iPhoto. You can change this using Image Capture.

    if you use iPhoto, this is an easy way to get your photos.


  8. 8. Shah Says:

    Best Advice i ever received for this ..Good Job keep it up

  9. 9. Matt Says:

    The image capture on mac worked for me, note i am on os 10.4.11 on my mac, 2.2.1 on my touch

  10. 10. SGamer8t88 Says:

    I have found a great method for sending multiple photos in one email.

    1. open your Mail app on your ipod touch or iphone.
    2. start a new email.
    3. Press the home button and go to photos.
    4. Pick the album the picture you want to send is in. Then fallowed by the photo itself.
    5. Tap on the picture and hold til you see the option “copy” and select it.
    6. Go paste it into the email.
    7. Repeat steps 4-6 till all photos are in the email.
    8 send the email.

  11. 11. xcool Says:

    Another method is to open Photos, then select either Camera Roll or Photo Library..

    Next, look for the ‘Action’ button on the bottom left corner.. tap on it and select up to five (5) photos.. then press Share and select Email.. all selected photos gets pasted for sending via email..

    Note the difference betweet Share and Copy..
    Share: picture resolution is reduced to 800×600 but can be sent without leaving Photos app
    Copy: picture sent in original resolution but you need to paste it into Mail or any other program

  12. 12. AB Says:

    Thanks so much, thsi was really useful. I couldn’t figure it out at all – I was trying to do it through iTunes!

  13. 13. Betsy Says:

    Thank you so much. I got my Sarah McLachlan video off the iPod Touch and on to my PC. I saw her in concert last week and the video of her meant so much to me. Thanks again.

  14. 14. Marie Says:

    Hey I’m having problems with this, my ipod shows up as the camera but the pictures won’t show up when I open it or try to get the pictures. I have over 5000 on here, 1000 are hidden for some reason, and I want to update my iPod but I can’t because it’s so full. Can you help me?

  15. 15. Mel Says:

    Thank you so much!! I’ve been trying everything I could think of to get the pictures onto my pc but nothing worked, and I couldn’t even email them to myself b/c my wifi stopped working for some reason. Thanks for your help :)

  16. 16. HK Says:

    I love you, honestly. Thanks SO MUCH! I’ve been trying to get the pictures off for AGES!

  17. 17. Nick Says:

    Cheers! This has totally saved me a freakishly long amount of time. Importing the past 2 year’s worth of photos and videos from my iPhone right now! Many thanks!!

  18. 18. Sarah Conley Says:

    Thanks so SOO much for this!!! I have been wanting to take advantage of this photobook deal that’s only until the 22nd of June, so next week, & unfortunately ALL of my pictures are from my iPod Touch. I have like 1301 pics on it, so I have been STRESSING on how to get them to the computer without having to email EVERY single one, cuz THAT would take months & months…

    So, THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH for this!!! It looks like it still will probably take at least a few days to get ALL my pics downloaded, but, at LEASE I now know how!!

    Thanks again!!!

    ***Correction : It MIGHT not take a few days after all!!! It’ looks like it is actually going pretty speedy right now!!! Looks like I’ll be able to create those photo books after all!!!***

  19. 19. DoesItMatter Says:

    You’re awesome! This did save me bags of hurt! Thank you.

  20. 20. Trent Says:

    If you own a newish iMac then it should have come with the iLife suite. This contains iPhoto. If you open iPhoto with you iPod plugged in it’ll show up on the left-hand toolbar and you can import all the photos you’ve taken on your iPod onto your Mac. It’s that simple.

    So basically if you have a Mac with iLife there’s no need to use Image Capture and using iPhoto might just be more convenient depending on what you want to do with them.

    I review IOS games sometimes for the site I write for and this method has always worked fine for me.

    PS: If you want to put photos onto your iPod from your computer, make a new folder and put the photos in it. Then on iTunes, plug in your iPod and click it in the left toolbar. Click Photos along the top bar and use the dropdown to select the new folder. New the next time you synch the iPod all the phots will be copied over.

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