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Analytics AppAnalytics App - Title ScreenGoogle Analytics is a powerful tool for webmasters that provides a very useful insight into a website’s traffic. The service allows the prominant website owner to track the referrals, search engine keywords, ads, email promotions as well as offline initiatives that brought the said visitors to your site.

Now, Analytics App makes it possible to bring this wealth of information with you on your iPhone. The app promises to make checking your Google Analytics data simple and fun – you’d want to use the app now instead of the computer, even when you are at your desk!

Analytics App - Report Full ListAnalytics App is living up to its claim – with up to 29 reports and an unlimited number of custom reports that you can create while in Google Analytics. Reports provided are categorised into six categories – Overview, Visitors, Traffic, Content, Event Tracking and Custom.

By default, the first thing you’ll see when you start the app is a group of overview reports for the site selected. This makes it easy and quick to get a quick glance at the site’s performance. The detailed reports provides up to 100 rows of data, helping you dig deeper to analyze your data.

Helping draw an even better overview, the Analytics App draws the same beautiful graphs similar to Google Analytics that you are already familiar with. Tap on any metrics to see its associated chart.

Analytics App uses the standard XML data provided by Google Analytics servers and formats them accordingly onto the small screen of the iPhone. Multiple accounts and sites are supported thru no effort on the user’s end. You’ll only need to key in your Google Analytics login details to begin.

Analytics App - Visitors Overview ReportAs with Google Analytics, filter your report by adjusting the start and end dates. A very short moment later and the app shall refresh its data to match your selected date range.

Now, one of the concerns about using such an app is privacy. Most webmasters would prefer to keep their website’s performance to themselves. Analytics App pledged to honor this by only submitting the login details to Google’s servers – using a secured connection. For further convenience, your login details are stored in your device only to reduce the need of typing in the details, especially when you are showing the app to a client.

In order to verify these claims, I used a simple (yet geeky) setup of a proxy server (Apache web server with mod_proxy enabled) as well as the Ethereal packet analysis tool. All requests made by the app are routed to and logged by both tools. Based on this simple experiment, I noticed that – besides calling home to report usage data of the app itself, Analytics App only talks to Google’s servers via a secure connection. No connections are made to any other servers. Analytics App makes its privacy policy clear to users via a page accesible from within the application itself – do give it a look if you are that paranoid. Check out the screenshot of Apache’s log file below.

Analytics App - Apache Log ScreenshotAt only $5.99 per copy, this is an app that no iPhone user who manages or runs a website should look away – the application basically pays for itself the more often you use it to analyse your website’s performance and it simply gets the job done effectively.

Get Analytics App from the iTunes Store – you’ll soon find yourself checking the stats with it while on the go – or even when your at the desk. Analytics App has got a home on the World Wide Web at http://analyticsapp.com.

Rating: 4.5/5.0 Taps

App Data
App Name: Analytics App v1.1 | Developer: AnalyticsApp.com | Purchase via: iTunes App Store @ $5.99 | Released: Feb 03, 2009 | Reviewed on: iPod touch v2.2.1

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