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iAdSenseGet ready for another geeky review. iAdSense by developer Alexandre Gomes brings AdSense revenue tracking right into your iPhone!

A very simple application involving a maximum of two screens, iAdSense lets you keep track of your Google AdSense revenue on a daily basis. The application displays the current day, previous day and current month datas, allowing easy and quick comparison of your revenues. Values displayed include impressions, clicks, click-thru rate, eCPM and earnings.

iAdSense - Reports ScreenIt would have been better if the app is capable of drilling the data further like displaying channel performance. Channels are ad units that can be used to track performance of a certain ad placement.

Customisation-wise, you can choose to have the revenue displayed in the currency of your choice. Available default currencies are US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pounds, Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen. Using another currency value other than the default ones are as easy as adding the currency’s three-letter code.

iAdSense - Settings ScreenOnce again, I used the same geeky method of routing all internet traffic to a proxy server and a packet analysis tool during the entire review. The results are pretty obvious – iAdSense talks to Google’s servers thru a secure connection during the entire session of use. Similar to Analytics App, iAdSense makes a call home to the developer’s web site, reporting the device ID and firmware version. Packet analysis of this behaviour revealed that no other information was transmitted to the developer’s servers. In contrast to Analytics App, this behaviour was not mentioned anywhere in the application nor was it revealed in a privacy policy statement.

iAdSense - Apache LogiAdSense, at its current version, does its intended job perfectly, but there are lots of room for improvement. Coming soon are features like caching, charts and an improved UI. According to the developer Alexandre Gomes, support for iAdSense is fairly limited and is provided thru email. iAdSense’s home page on the web is available here: http://iadsense.alexandre-gomes.com/

Get iAdSense from the iTunes App Store at only $0.99 a copy.

Rating: 3.5/5.0 Taps

App Data
App Name: iAdSense v1.01 | Developer: Alexandre Gomes | Purchase via: iTunes App Store @ $0.99 | Released: Jan 04, 2009 | Reviewed on: iPod touch v2.2.1

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