Mar 23

Proporta LogoMobile warriors would love this next offering from Proporta – a Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger. Comparing this to the default USB charger that comes with my Garmin nuvi 200w GPS unit, Proporta’s unit has many advantages.

Proporta Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger - FrontFirst of all, as the name suggests, the unit comprises of a standard car cigarrette lighter connector – on the other end you’ll find two USB ports. In my case, connecting the Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger to my Garmin nuvi 200w leaves me with an extra USB port which I used to charge my iPod touch 2G. I’ve been testing this setup over the weekend and am very happy to say that the charger works as advertised. No more worries about either device running out of juice – the only gripe I have is the iPod touch 2G’s built-in speakers volume, it’ll be super-wonderful if this is a 3-port charger – I’ll connect my mini speakers to it, but one can’t ask too much, eh?

Secondly, the charger is compatible with any devices that can draw power from a USB port. My Garmin charger on the other hand, provides only a mini-USB connector on the other end – not many device use a mini-USB connecter for charging though. I’ll trade my Garmin charger for the Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger, hands down.

Proporta Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger - BackTech-savvy readers would find that the Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger is rather safe to use. Each USB port supplies about 500mA of power, which complies with the USB charging specifications – this means that any USB device, regardless of its power requirements (from low to high) can be connected without harm. Each port has got a red LED charging indicator to remind users that it is ready to supply power – useful also when you are in the dark. Since USB ports can be chained, you may add a USB-hub to the charger to increase the number of ports available, but I would actually advice against that, since that would actually reduce the amount of power that the charger can supply for each port.

Proporta’s Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger is ideal for use with any standard USB sync and charge cables, including Proporta’s own Retractable USB Sync-Charge Cables, an example of which could be found here. I’m keeping one in each of my vehicle(s), you wouldn’t know when you’ll need that USB charger!

The Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger is available at the price of $10.45 each from Proporta’s web site. All orders from Proporta are covered by their Lifetime Warranty and Never Argue Exchange Guarantee. Check out their site by hitting this link:

P/S: Oh yeah, if you really must know, the Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger did arrive with a pack of English Breakfast tea. Thanks Proporta!

Rating: 4.5/5.0 Taps

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Product name: Dual USB In-Vehicle Charger | Manufactured by: Proporta Ltd | Purchase from: Proporta Ltd @ $10.45 | Compatible with: any USB device

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