Apr 14

iPhone - Rumored Unibody MacBook Concept

Rumors of the impending new Apple iPhone device continues to spread across the internets.

iPhone Components - DigitimesLatest rumor stems on the components to be used in the new iPhone model. What we noticed is the inclusion of a 3.2 megapixel camera. Current models of the iPhone (and iPhone 3G) come with a 2.0 megapixel camera. Coming from Digitimes, the article compiled a table of the new iPhone’s component suppliers. Aside to the upgraded camera, Digitimes also highlighted that there will be an initial order of about 5 million units from Apple. Previous rumor suggested an initial order of just 4 million units.

iPhone 3G - RetailAnother set of rumors point towards three new iPhone models coming. The first being the premium of all – beefed up processor and new features like the camera. A second model seems to be a throwback model of the original iPhone, featuring old but well-loved 2.75G technology, EDGE instead of 3G. This will definitely lower the price of the device. A third device is rumored to be produced for the China market. The special version of this device will support the CDMA standards of a carrier in the mainland – effectively allowing Apple to conquer the remaining large market of all. What do you think?

Meanwhile, CrunchGear put up a very interesting article, asking for reader opinion if consumers will line up for the new iPhone. With 30% of iPhone buyers switching to AT&T just to get the device, will the new rumored low-end iPhone be of any interest?

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