May 27

Good day people! This one’s supposed to be up on Tuesday, but has seen some delays due to the Memorial Day break over in the US. Without further ado, let’s check out what’s free in the iTunes Store this week.

Vib Gyor - FallenVib Gyor brings us the first freebie this week with Fallen. The group’s eye-raising name is simply a mnemonic for colors in the visible spectrum (violet, indigo, blue, green and so forth). Lined by five Brits, the ban have already collaborated with producers whose big-time credits include artistes like Sigur Ros, Radiohead and the Cure – which influences can each be heard in this free track. Remember to check out the full album, We Are Not an Island, if you liked this track.

Vieux Farka Touré - FafaNext is this week’s Discovery Download, Fafa by Vieux Farka Tuoré. Son of the great, late West African guitarist/vocalist Ali Farka Touré, guitarist/vocalist/percussionist Vieux Farka Tuoré earned his father’s blessings and has gone to make his own contributions to Malian music. Fafa features a foundation of cooly executed drumkit and percussion work, over which Touré and his urbane vocals and majestic guitar work effortlessly glide thru. Do check out the full album, Fondo if you liked this track.

Naldo - No Sé Si TúMoving on, let’s check out this week’s Canción de la Semana download – No Sé Si Tú by Naldo. A Puerto Rican reggaeton producer, Naldo came to the attention of many club-goers after his contributions to the Mas Flow compilations. His slick, synth-heavy style is all over this new track from his forthcoming album while the mic gets passed over to De La Ghetto for the sweet vocal work. If you like the track, check out the full album, Lágrimas de Sangre.

The Crystal Method - Drown in the Now (feat. Matisyahu)Lastly, check out this week’s free Music Video of the Week download. The Crystal Method brings us a unique rendered music video of their hit song, Drown in the Now, featuring Matisyahu. If you liked the song, then do check out the full album, Divided by Night. And here’s the 30-second preview, proudly hosted by our YouTube Channel.

Closing notes: As usual, the freebies mentioned here are sourced from the US iTunes Store and may not be available in iTunes Stores of other countries. Our featured article, How To: Create a US iTunes Store Account is available if you wish to know the steps required to setup a US iTunes Store account.

Go ahead and grab these free downloads as soon as you can. They are always free for about a week or so before returning to their usual selling prices. Remember: don’t just add them into your shopping cart. Make sure you check out! Hit this FREE ON iTunes page to check out the other free downloads that are not highlighted here!

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