Jun 16

Hello people! It’s Tuesday again, so let us all head over to the iTunes Store for some freebies!

Laura Izibor - Don't StayLaura Izibor starts this week’s line up with Don’t Stay, the Single of the Week download. Hailing from Dublin, Laura Izibor has a voice that sings up and out over her surroundings, bringing a little bit of sunshine wherever she goes. She represents the new sound of soul music and brings to it a touch of sass and passion that makes her particular style stand out from the pack. The free download, Don’t Stay is a breezy, windswept funk with Izibor shining on the vocals. It’s orchestrated warmly with the intimacy of a Sunday morning church service. If you want more, check out her full album, Let the Truth Be Told, now available for only $7.99.

Major Lazer - Keep It Goin' LouderNext in the list is Major Lazer with Keep It Goin’ Louder – our Discovery Download feature for this week. Note that the iTunes Store labeled this track with “Parental Advisory”, so be noted. Major Lazer is the dynamic DJ duo of Switch and Diplo, creating a distinct style of future-facing dance music. Diplo and Switch build a feverish pace on “Keep It Goin’ Louder,” chopping up baile funk beats and electro effects, while Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze watch over the packed dance floor doing play-by-play and color commentary. Keep It Goin’ Louder is an example of the collaboration-heavy Major Lazer’s debut album, Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do. Check it out.

Federico Aubele - Otra Vez (feat. Sabina Sciubba)This week’s Canción de la Semana download features Federico Aubele’s Otra Vez, a track that also features Sabrina Sciubba. Argentine singer/songwriter Federico Aubele has given us two albums of genre-hopping pop – mixing up ambient grooves with tango and hip-hop with bolero. Otra Vez is a track from his third album that squeezes in some exquisitely played acoustic guitar against the moody and luscious electronic backbeat. Assistance on the vocal side comes from Brazilian Girls vocalist, Sabina Sciubba. Check out the full album, Amatoria if you want more from this great artist.

Rodney Carrington - If I'm the Only OneAnd then, we have this week’s free Music Video of the Week download. This is the first time I am seeing a comedy-genred title. Check out Rodney Carrington’s If I’m the Only One. The music video is whacky and fun to watch. You could also download the full song by checking out his album, El Niño Loco. As usual, check out the 30-seconds preview below, proudly hosted by our YouTube channel.

Closing notes: As usual, the freebies mentioned here are sourced from the US iTunes Store and may not be available in iTunes Stores of other countries. Our featured article, How To: Create a US iTunes Store Account is available if you wish to know the steps required to setup a US iTunes Store account.

Go ahead and grab these free downloads as soon as you can. They are always free for about a week or so before returning to their usual selling prices. Remember: don’t just add them into your shopping cart. Make sure you check out! Hit this FREE ON iTunes page to check out the other free downloads that are not highlighted here!

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