Jul 14

It’s Tuesday again! Let’s head over to the iTunes Store and see what’s available for download, FREE!

Owl City - FirefliesOwl City’s Fireflies is this week’s free Single of the Week download. Owl City is the stage name of Adam Young, a Minnesota native plinking out dreamy tunes that meander down clever lyrical sidestreets. Fireflies melds a partly-cloudy-with-a-chance-of-clearing attitude to a trance-pop beat. The result: an invigorating, feel-good electro-pop experience. Young has a bit of Death Cab for Cutie in his vocal timbre that, when pressed up against a synthesized beat, is so effervescent it could levitate Stonehenge. Fireflies appears on Owl City’s latest album, Ocean Eyes. Make sure to check out this album, available now exclusively on iTunes for the next two weeks for just $7.99, once you sampled the free track.

Jaimee Paul - Cry Me A RiverJaimee Paul comes next with Cry Me A River, this week’s Discovery Download featurette. Southern Illinois native Jaimee Paul grew up singing in church, where she wowed congregations with her spins on classic hymns. On her newest album, Paul reinterprets jazz standards, including Cry Me a River, originally popularized by Julie London. Close your eyes and listen to Paul’s timeless, smoky vocals mingle with tranquil string orchestration and Beegie Adair’s delicate piano playing. Check out the full album, At Last if you liked this free download.

Natalia Lafourcade - Ella Es BonitaNext in the line is this week’s Canción de la Semana download, featuring Ella Es Bonita by Natalia LaFourcade. This week, we take our new love a little bit further and spotlight a track from her new album, Hu Hu Hu. Ella Es Bonita is a bright slice of sunshine pop where Miss LaFourcade comes across like a nouveau folk-singer with a penchant for horns and organic disco-pop. In a perfect world, we would spend our weekends in the forest, frolicking to music like this. If you like this track, then check out the full album, Hu Hu Hu.

Charm City Devils - Let's Rock n' Roll (Endless Road)Brooke White - Radio RadioLastly, check out this week’s free music video download, a double feature. First, check out Charm City Devils’ Let’s Rock n’ Roll (Endless Road). If you want, download the full song from their full album, Let’s Rock n’ Roll (Endless Road). Next is Brooke White’s Radio Radio. As usual, check out the 30-second previews, hosted by our YouTube Channel below.

Closing notes: As usual, the freebies mentioned here are sourced from the US iTunes Store and may not be available in iTunes Stores of other countries. Our featured article, How To: Create a US iTunes Store Account is available if you wish to know the steps required to setup a US iTunes Store account.

Go ahead and grab these free downloads as soon as you can. They are always free for about a week or so before returning to their usual selling prices. Remember: don’t just add them into your shopping cart. Make sure you check out! Hit this FREE ON iTunes page to check out the other free downloads that are not highlighted here!

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