Sep 03

We just got this in our mailbox. It seems like it that the rumors are very well true. iPod nano with built-in cameras. Now, if only we get confirmation of the 3rd Gen iPod touch (and whether it has got a camera or not).

You can start pre-ordering the said cases from Proporta. Head on over to their site and check it out!

The new Apple 5G iPod nano looks set to be a typically beautiful new product from the Apple stable, building on the already impressive 4G nano by adding a camera and improving the size of the screen.

But this sexy little number will need careful looking after, and a task like that should only be entrusted to the best. This is where Proporta come in, with a range of custom made accessories specially made for the 5G iPod nano offering all the protection you need. Whether it’s the handmade signature Aluminium Lined Leather Case, that features a sheet of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium to guard against crushing and screen damage, or the uber stylish Ted Baker Leather Case, exclusive to Proporta. Everything you need to keep your 5G iPod nano looking immaculate is featured in the full selection here. From screen protectors and protective bags, to in car chargers and a wide range of cases, Proporta has got it covered.

Seriously, head over to Proporta’s site and look for 5G iPod nano!
Proporta Store

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