iPod Click Wheel Games – The Complete List

Here’s the complete listing of all iPod Click Wheel Games ever released on the iTunes Store so far. Each title comes with a short description to help you make your purchasing decision. Currently, there are no free iPod Click Wheel titles (other than the ones built-in to your iPod), but there are $0.99 titles (two of them at the moment) for the choosing.

Newly released titles are placed at the top of the list. Feel free to link to this page and share it among your friends who has the click wheel iPod.

New Video preview has been added for each title. It opens in this same window. No worries, there are no pop-ups!

Last Updated: 05 February 2009
Total Number of Titles: 49

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Cake Mania 3Cake Mania 3 – Sandlot brings us the third episode in this epic cake-baking adventure. As Jill nervously prepares for her long anticipated wedding day, disaster struck and took all her family and friends for some time-travelling spin. Jill must now travel thru different time periods – from Ancient Egypt to revolutionary France, including an unknown future where anything is possible. She needs to work her cake-making magic on a wide variety of locals in order to get herself and the guests back to the present time, before her ceremony begins. New in this version – bake cakes and also serve tea and cookies to demanding customers while aiming to achieve the desired daily sales goals. The game featurs 80 levels of frenetic, baking action with more than 20 hilarious characters that patronize the six different bakeries Jill will be working in.
Publisher: Sandlot Games Corporation | Get it via: iPod Games Store @ $4.99 | Released: 2009 | Download size: 25.3 MB | Video Preview New

Trivial PursuitTrivial Pursuit – Play the pursuit of happiness with Trivial Pursuit on your click wheel iPod. Simple Click Wheel controls make it easy to choose the categories and answers. The game comes with up to 1,000 questions on entertainment, geography, history and many more categories; good enough to challenge you for a while. Play in either the Classic mode or race against the iPod for glory in the fast-paced Pursuit mode. Multiplayer with up to three friends are supported via pass ‘n’ play mode.
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Inc. | Get it via: iPod Games Store @ $4.99 | Released: 2008 | Download size: 10.6 MB | Video Preview

Chinese CheckersChinese Checkers – Play the classic game of Chinese Checkers on the move. Stunning Apple-quality graphics and easy-to-use Click Wheel controls. If you fancy multiplayer, then the pass ‘n’ play mode will come in handy allowing you to play with up to five friends. Quickly start a game and choose from a variety of board themes and backgrounds to suit your taste. Make the whole family happy by tuning the difficulty level to suit everyone’s skills.
Publisher: Apple, Inc. | Get it via: iPod Games Store @ $0.99 | Released: 2008 | Download size: 46.3 MB | Video Preview

Crystal DefendersCrystal Defenders – Simple premise: deploy units from the popular franchise, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 to fend off encroaching enemy hordes and prevent them from looting your game party’s crystals. More than 200 levels of action await you in one of the two different game versions. Easy-to-learn controls and up-tempo game play makes this title accessible at home or on the go. Features units, monsters and areas found in the Final Fantasy Tactics A2’s magical world of Ivalice.
Publisher: Square Enix | Get it via: iPod Games Store @ $4.99 | Released: 2008 | Download size: 35.4 MB | Video Preview

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28 Responses to “iPod Click Wheel Games – The Complete List”

  1. 1. jimmy Says:

    HI, I HAVE AN IPOD NANO 3rd generation i would like to download it

  2. 2. girl Says:

    there are way maore games then that! update your site please!

  3. 3. girl Says:

    i have an ipod 5th generation its the best nano yet so many apps! but there will be newer ipods that will be really technical in the future

  4. 4. xcool Says:

    @girl, yes we do have all the games for the iPod Click Wheel.. but we separated the list into pages.. look for it at the end of each page..

  5. 5. kayla Says:

    is the i pod nanos going to have the dinner dash flo thro time game and diner dash 2 and diner dash games some day a lot of people like that game

  6. 6. kayla Says:

    hey people is i nopd nano going to have the game diner dahs and diner dash 2 and diner dash flo thr time and the super mario brothers games and stuff and the hello kitty game just like the ds vidio games its populare its has the same games like i pod nanos do and its it going to have cool apps the i pod nano

  7. 7. kayla Says:

    hey people
    whats up is i pod nano wheel games going go have dinner dash 1 snd 2 and diner dash flow throw time and ice scoop games and other great games the the one that sucks ad are they going to have super mario brothers games too and the kind of games where people can talk to other people wile there playing the games like the x boxs gamess that be really cool and the hannah montana games and the games they got on the ds games is the i pod nano wheel games ging to the the gams likes that too or what

  8. 8. Shadow Says:

    is there any free games for the ipod click wheel?…

  9. 9. Kushal DASH Says:

    i need a free for ipod classic 160GB..
    anyone can help me PLEASE….

  10. 10. pie Says:


  11. 11. xcool Says:

    nope, don’t think there is any free ones…
    don’t think there will ever be :(

  12. 12. Xownu Says:


  13. 13. Trinton Says:

    I would like to download some classic click wheel games for my ipod 120gb – but can’t seem to find them. I even called apple and they told me to look up click wheel games on google and it would lead me to the link which would lead me to where I would find the right games…problem is it didn’t. I have tried to follow the links I find but it takes me right back to the same front page on my itunes I continue to look at and I still do find the click wheel classic games. help!

  14. 14. xcool Says:

    Trinton, I clicked one of the links and they worked. You may want to try installing/upgrading your iTunes. Thanks..

  15. 15. ryan sth Says:

    click wheel ipod owners, get this clear in your mind that, you will never get any free ipod click wheel gamefrom apple, none of them, apple wants money. to get games you need to jailbreak with ipod wizard. And you cant get all of them , probably 18 or 20 games. And they arent so good, but few are good ones

  16. 16. xcool Says:

    This is not Apple wanting your money for the games. Please remember that some of the games are developed and published by third-party developers. And they need to put food on their tables.

  17. 17. Mr. Jenkins Says:


  18. 18. Mr. Jenkins Says:

    I found so many cool games…thanks!

  19. 19. miss katie Says:

    Those “third-party developers” that “need to put food on their tables” are doing a perfectly good job developing and publishing free games for the iPod touch and iPhone, so there isn’t a reason that cant make a handful for click wheel, among the hundreds that are made for the iPod touch and iPhone. It’s not even that there needs to be a ton of free games, but if Apple and the other developers intend on making any money off of these games, they need to be more reasonably priced. Not very many people are going to pay 5 dollars for things like pacman, give me a break. And the only games that are affordable are chinese checkers and reversi? Those games are a joke. Those should be the free ones. I played Reversi for about 20 minutes after realized the game has only about 5-10 ways for the game to turn out; needless to say that got boring really quickly. Apple is such a disappointment. They’re manipulating people to get the iPod touch and iPhone by making it so that they are the only ones that have any versitility.

  20. 20. Algaescraper Says:

    iPod Classics are for music lovers. Seriously, if you want games, go get a touch or a PSP. People are so ridiculous about games and costs. Five dollars isn’t much for a game. Seriously people! This generation is spoiled cheap on free music, games and movies. Without some support from the consumer, artists don’t get fed and soon you will all be listening to the birds in the trees and playing board games. And, that wouldn’t be too bad of a world, really.

  21. 21. Jon Says:

    I have an iPod Classic, 2k songs on it and much Simpsons and all the South Park :) I use the iPod for watching videos 😀
    Anyways, I want some games for freeee :(

  22. 22. Mark Says:

    My son’s iPod nano 3 gen had a Solitaire game on it,and I had to reset it due to a freeze up;I don’t have the game anymore,just the 3 it comes with. Since it’s not a game from iTunes/clickwheel games list,someone had to make it,and put it out there.
    BTW,the iPod was a gift from a friend (I gave it to my son since I have a iPod touch 2 gen :-) )

  23. 23. tyler Says:

    I can’t even access any of these games anymore. It keeps telling me that this feature is not available in the United States anymore. Why apple? Why do you do this to me?

  24. 24. xcool Says:

    Apparently, Apple has removed all click wheel games from the iTunes Store… what a sad day…

  25. 25. hanataro Says:

    I have 4 games that I’ve already downloaded: The Sims Pool, Yahtzee, Monopoly and Phase. I can let you download the games with the website: MEGAUPLOAD or another website.

  26. 26. hanataro Says:

    I give you the website maybe next week!

  27. 27. Hanataro Says:

    If you have tried it and not worked, than say it to me!!

  28. 28. kaitybeth Says:

    Will I-Tunes add any click wheel games back? My battery died on my ipod classic and they gave me an updated classic. Now my previous games are not compatible anymore: sudoku, mahjonng, yahtzee. Does anybody know anyway to get these games back? Help!

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