Jun 17

F.A.S.T. - Fleet Air Superiority Training!UPDATE: Moments after we published the review, SGN’s update for FAST went online in the iTunes Store, adding Bluetooth support. Also the game is now available at a reduced price of only $5.99 $4.99. Early adopters who paid the premium price of $9.99 will get a special treat soon. Now there’s no more excuse not to start an online war! Check out our review and then go grab the game!

We previously covered this game when it was announced in TechCrunch. I managed to secure a copy for my iPod touch, and after spending about a week plus with the game, I am impressed.

FAST - Main MenuOriginally slated to be a free game, with premium In-App purchases later, SGN’s F.A.S.T – Fleet Air Superiority Training! (subsequently referred to as FAST) turned out to be a premium-priced title, selling for $9.99 $5.99 $4.99 a copy in the iTunes Store. For a ticket that steep, it turned out to be a very entertaining and exciting game. In fact, this could be one of the best full 3D, complete-controlled dogfighting game available to date for the iPhone platform.

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