Sep 03

We just got this in our mailbox. It seems like it that the rumors are very well true. iPod nano with built-in cameras. Now, if only we get confirmation of the 3rd Gen iPod touch (and whether it has got a camera or not).

You can start pre-ordering the said cases from Proporta. Head on over to their site and check it out!

The new Apple 5G iPod nano looks set to be a typically beautiful new product from the Apple stable, building on the already impressive 4G nano by adding a camera and improving the size of the screen.

But this sexy little number will need careful looking after, and a task like that should only be entrusted to the best. This is where Proporta come in, with a range of custom made accessories specially made for the 5G iPod nano offering all the protection you need. Whether it’s the handmade signature Aluminium Lined Leather Case, that features a sheet of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminium to guard against crushing and screen damage, or the uber stylish Ted Baker Leather Case, exclusive to Proporta. Everything you need to keep your 5G iPod nano looking immaculate is featured in the full selection here. From screen protectors and protective bags, to in car chargers and a wide range of cases, Proporta has got it covered.

Seriously, head over to Proporta’s site and look for 5G iPod nano!
Proporta Store

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Apple iTunes

Jun 08

WWDC 2009

Yeah, the WWDC keynote by Phil Schiller starts in about 10 minutes.
If you came here looking for some updates, here are some sites that you could visit – many of which are ‘live’.

MacRumorsLive –
gdgt live –
The Apple Blog –
Engadget –

Also some Twitter feeds:

Ars Technica @ WWDC –

And if you must, old-style IRC chatrooms!

MacRumors – irc://
MacRumorsChat – irc://

Rumors has it that Steve Jobs may be making an appearance. Keep your eyes peeled! :)

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Jun 03

Or, in plain simple English: what we already know so far.

With WWDC just about a week’s time away, rumors of new devices, especially new iPhone models continue to sweep the interwebs like it does come every other Apple season, the other being MacWorld.

Here’s one of the later pieces to appear. Spies have managed to capture, in clear view, this year’s banner for WWDC. It says: One year later. Light-years ahead.

WWDC 2009 Banner - One year later. Light-years ahead.

If you look closely enough, it’s covered with the many iPhone application icons – which tells the obvious – the slogan describes the long road Apple and the iTunes App Store has covered since it opened its virtual doors almost a year ago in July 11, 2008. As of this writing, the App Store’s over 45,000 applications on offer, and 1 billion downloads later, is obviously the best success story for 2008, and if not one of the greatest software platform success stories ever. This banner alone tells us that there’s more beyond venturing into places where no iPhone has gone before. Keep your eyes peeled.

On the iPhone, there’s been a series of leaked blurry photos, displaying several of the rumored features, such as auto-focus camera and digital compass. Another set compared the quality of photos taken using existing hardware against the new rumored hardware – with signs of obvious significant improvement in image quality. One should take notice immediately of the nifty autofocus feature in the new hardware’s – move a little blue square with your finger to set camera focus. Apple 2.0 has all the details, check it out here.

There also seems to be rumors of the new iPhone having a matte backing instead of the current glossy, finger-print magnet. I find this a blessing, after having to deal with finger prints on my older iPods. What about the Apple logo? Yes, the groups of people who chose to remain anonymous has said that the logo might glow and act as camera flash. I am buying this rumor – it’ll look awesome, don’t you think?

Aside to these developments, one things quite sure is that iPhone OS 3.0 will most likely make its debut come WWDC. It was announced way back in March and is currently in the form of Beta 5. The recently-concluded Push Notification beta testing for iPhone 3.0 that Apple run with its developer sets this fact even further in stone.

Keep your calendars booked. WWDC 2009 starts next Monday, June 8 2009. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing will be presenting the keynote for the event. Stay tuned.

Lonely Planet San Francisco City GuideP/S: For a limited time, Lonely Planet will be giving away their San Francisco City Guide iPhone application, a $15.99 value. If you are attending WWDC this year, make sure to grab a copy and plan out your trip to beautiful city of the Golden Gate. Here’s the iTunes link: Lonely Planet San Francisco City Guide

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May 14

iPhone 3G - Retail or Online

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now get a new iPhone 3G (if you haven’t got yours, that is) by placing an order from the Apple Online Store and have it delivered right to your doorstep for free!

Previously, Apple required that Customers (note the capital C) start their iPhone-buying process on the web and complete it at a nearby Apple Retail Store, which, to me is quite a duh process. I’d rather do everything at the store from A to Z. New here is that you can now do everything online, so the lazy in you can sit and wait on your lazy chairs while the iPhone speeds its way to your doorstep. Note that the phone is still tied to AT&T but, you can get it minus a commitment contract.

Does this sound like the old record playing to the rumor tunes of ‘the new iPhone is coming’?

[via Engadget]

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Apr 14

iPhone - Rumored Unibody MacBook Concept

Rumors of the impending new Apple iPhone device continues to spread across the internets.

iPhone Components - DigitimesLatest rumor stems on the components to be used in the new iPhone model. What we noticed is the inclusion of a 3.2 megapixel camera. Current models of the iPhone (and iPhone 3G) come with a 2.0 megapixel camera. Coming from Digitimes, the article compiled a table of the new iPhone’s component suppliers. Aside to the upgraded camera, Digitimes also highlighted that there will be an initial order of about 5 million units from Apple. Previous rumor suggested an initial order of just 4 million units.

iPhone 3G - RetailAnother set of rumors point towards three new iPhone models coming. The first being the premium of all – beefed up processor and new features like the camera. A second model seems to be a throwback model of the original iPhone, featuring old but well-loved 2.75G technology, EDGE instead of 3G. This will definitely lower the price of the device. A third device is rumored to be produced for the China market. The special version of this device will support the CDMA standards of a carrier in the mainland – effectively allowing Apple to conquer the remaining large market of all. What do you think?

Meanwhile, CrunchGear put up a very interesting article, asking for reader opinion if consumers will line up for the new iPhone. With 30% of iPhone buyers switching to AT&T just to get the device, will the new rumored low-end iPhone be of any interest?

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Apple iPod Sale

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